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How to Bypass Facebook Photo Verification 2015 | Latest Trick by Universal Experts

Hello World!

My name is Sanaa Ullah and I am the Creator of this Blog.To day i am going to Teach you how you can By pass Photo Verification on Facebook.Most of people asking me about how they can bypass/open there blocked accounts.
So, this tutorial for you guys who are searching about how they can unblock there account.

How to Bypass Facebook Photo Verification 2015 | Latest Trick


You need a Android Cell phone/Google Chrome.
Hola Proxy Software/Extension.
Date of birth of Blocked Account.

Download Links :

Why we used Hola proxy Software:

Hola is used for changing Proxy and we need this software for changing our location.There are many software which we can use for changing our location but Hola is the best Software for changing Proxy.


To unlock you account you need to follow the following Steps.

  • 1st of all install Hola proxy in your Phone/PC
  • Open you browser and active the Hola
  • Select japan as a your browsing Country
  • Then go to Facebook
  • Open your Blocked Account
  • Its Ask you for Date of Birth
  • Enter your real date of birth
  • Now you Account is Unlocked
Enjoy this Awesome trick and Please share this blog with your friends and Family.


How to Increase your Twitter Followers Free | Trick By Universal Experts

Hello World!

My Name is Sanaa Ullah and Today i will teach you how you can get more then 1000+ Followers Daily.Most of people ask me how they can get free twitter followers.So here come's the trick which you want.

For Getting free twitter Followers you need to visit Following Websites :
1. Plus Follower
2. Follow Back

3. New Follow

How to Disable or Block Someone's Facebook Account  | By Universal Experts

To day I am going to teach You How you can Disable/Block Someone's Facebook Account.As you know my each post have a unique Trick this time trick is very Awesome and easily you can do it.

How to Disable or Block Someone's Facebook Account


For this trick You Need a Facebook account and Mind...:P

To block?disable Someone's Account you just need to ask your Victim to write  this code http#://34255353309 without # in comments or ask him remove # and write it in comment.

When he write's this code without # in Comment His account block/Disable in 1 Second.
Enjoy this trick and don't forget to like our Facebook Page For more Tricks and Tips.

How to Hack Facebook Page | Video lecture

Hello Friends my Name is Sanaa Ullah and To day i am going to teach you how you can hack a Facebook fan page by using  this awesome trick.with the help of this trick you are able to get hack any page.

How to Hack Facebook Page | Video lecture

Once you are be the admin no one can remove you as admin from that page.You can mange posts also you can remove other admin from the page.


For hacking any Facebook page you need a  Facebook Business Account for doing this thing.


To hack any Facebook fan page 1st of all you have to create a Facebook Business  Account.After Creating That Account Just Copy the Page link which you want to hack and Then Go to the Sittings and Click on the pages.

Click on new page and then paste that link in search bar.Page appears in bar and you just Select the page and Tick on work as a Admin and Submit it.

Request Successfully Submitted now wait  for some moment.When other person Accept the Request you become admin of the page.

Use page as you want and nobody can remove as a admin.

Video :

Create a Hidden Admin on Your Facebook Fan Page | Trick By Universal Experts

Create a Hidden Admin on Your Facebook Fan Page | Trick By Universal Experts

To day we are going to share with you a interesting trick of Facebook by this trick you can create a hidden Admin on your Facebook Fan Page.

Hidden admin is the a Admin on your Facebook page which is invisible and you can's see it.


You need a Gmail Account for this trick.


 To add hidden admin on your page you need a Gmail account.1st create a Gmail Account and Copy that email.

Now Go to the Facebook and Click on your targeted page where you wanna to add a hidden admin.

After going to that page open sitting of that page.Select Page Roles option on that Page.Add new admin on your Page and on the Admin Name paste That Gmail ID.

After Pasting that Email Save it and your Hidden admin is added on page.
Now if some one hacks your account just go to the that email and create a new Facebook Account.

You find your are admin on new account and Enjoy.

Thanks For Reading and if you have any Question or You need any trick Comment Below.

Free SMS Bomber for Pakistani Users | By Universal Experts

Free Download SMS Bomber for Pakistani Users:

New SMS bomber by the universal Experts for Pakistani Users.By this Software You can Send Unlimited SMS to any number.

Basically SMS bomber is the software is for our protection from wrong numbers.If some one disturbing you from a wrong number you can Fuck that Number easily by using SMS Bomber.

Free SMS Bomber for Pakistan

Change Facebook Page Name After 200 Likes

Today i am going to share with you an amazing trick/method of renaming your Facebook Fan page after 200+ likes.Many friends asking me about how they can change there fan page name after 200+ likes so this post for those friends they have problem with there page name.

Facebook in these days not allow there users to rename there pages after 200+ likes but after some research i found a method to  rename any page name after 200+ likes.


For changing page name you require a proxy software for changing your proxy.
I personally used Hola and Zenmate.


For changing your page name you need a  proxy software to change your proxy.I personally used Hola and Zenmate as proxy software.

After installing any software for proxy changing  you have to select USA proxy to perform this job.

After selecting USA proxy You have to go to Facebook and log in with that account which having that page.

Go to Admin roles and just perform some change and save it.After saving go to About Option and select page name option.You can See the option Appear's in below Request Change Name.Click on Request Change Name and a  new page open with a Name change form.

Select Misspell option and Submit new Name.It takes 24-48 hours and also it can take 1 week or more.

Thanks For Visiting our Blog.   

How to Bypass Facebook Photo Verification | Universal Experts

How to Bypass Facebook Photo Verification| Universal Experts

Today i am going to teach you how you can bypass Facebook Photo Verification.Most of people are asking about how they can bypass Facebook photo solution come's and it's easy way to get back you account in seconds.

For this trick you have to need following things which are very impotent. 


Google chrome

Hola (proxy Software)


For bypassing the Photo verification on Facebook you have to remember the Date Of Birth of the account which is showing Photo verification.

Now open your Google chrome and install Hola in your Chrome from Google store.

After installing Hola, You have to activate Hola and select USA Proxy.
After running USA proxy on Hola you have to open Facebook.
Log in with blocked account and its ask for your birth Day and just type birth day.

After Giving your correct birth day Facebook ask for Your Phone Number add any phone Number your Account will be  open.


Create a Facebook Page Without Name or Invisible Fan page | Video and Text Full Trick

Create a Facebook Page Without Name or Invisible Fan page | Video and Text Full Trick

To day I aM going to show you how you people can create a Facebook Fan page without name.Most of People asking me about how they can create a Facebook page without name.

This Page also know as Invisible Facebook Fan Page.Method is very easy and every one  can understand easily.


  • Open Facebook then go to create a page option.
  • Paste this code in the name    "/᠌-᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌-᠌-᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌/ "
  • After pasting Remove  "/" and press enter.

  • Facebook give error but don't worry just hit enter again and you get your invisible page...!

If you have any problem then feel free to comment below.
How to use a Facebook App Access token to gain access in in any Facebook Account  | Hindi/Urdu

I am  Sana Ullah and to day i am going to teach you how you people can get access in any Facebook account by using access token.
After watching this video you are able to use a access token for getting access in someone's account.

What is Verified Profile or Page ?

This trick  by Sanaa Ullah For All Taggers.
According to this new option some pages and Profiles are  claim as Official and verified by Facebook. You may observe on many profiles and pages their is Blue Color Tick Badge just in the next of name. 

Facebook only four type of pages or profiles which are

  • Celebrities
  • Journalists
  • Government Officials
  • Popular Brand or Businesses

These are four categories whose pages and profiles are claimed by Facebook based on their popular. Suppose if you have any local business which is popular then Facebook may claimed your page if you are official representative. Then their is no need to submit any type of request to Facebook. They automatically claim your page as verified depend on some details and minimum requirements mention by Facebook.

How To Get Facebook Page Verified ?

If your profile or any Page whose your are official representative and also based on above mention categories then their are chances of your page to get verified. Actually Facebook does not have any request form to claim verified this is totally automatic process done from Facebook side. So to become verified in future you should have to do some changes in your Profile or Page
Your page should be official represent your local business or any personality and may be have some popularity on Facebook.

For Facebook claiming process your page or profile must have minimum details because if you add full details accurately then Facebook automatically check your provided information if they find your page or profile details accurate and helpful then verify your page here are two parts mention by Facebook to become verified

Link To Your Profile or Page From Official Website and also link website on your page or profile.
Provide accurate information in details about your business in About Section of Page or Profile

In About section must add significant long and short description, keyword who represent your business, Email, Website, Products and verified page location with claimed business address and other details in Page Info tab. 

For Example: 
Facebook page about
For more details visit help center here for Profile or Page About info.

These are some tips which help you to get verified if your profile or page is official. Facebook don't guaranteed  about all pages to get verified because its totally depend on Popularity and accuracy. So add all information and wait until page processed your profile or page to make you verify. According to me it takes almost 40-50 days after adding info to get verify if Facebook approved your account or page.

Submit your  Request For Verification Manually

Recently Facebook update the latest for submit request for verification badge. As many users are cheated by fake agents and agencies so finally Facebook decide to introduce a request form for normal users to submit request for verification. To submit page verification request manually visit below given form.

  1. Open this form from that account in which are admin of that or in that account which authorized representative of that person.
  2. Simply select the page and upload ID proof and verification letter official signed by Celebrity.
  3. Pages of Celebrities and Public figures are currently accepted. Business and websites based pages are not accepted.
  4. Your will receive an email from Facebook team regarding verification. It takes around 24-48 hour about your page status.
Learn Basic's of HTML - Universal Experts
Learn Basic's of HTML

What is HTML :

Hypertext Markup Language is used to create Web pages is the language of quality labels.

HTML is written in the form of signs HTML elements are enclosed in angle brackets (eg, <HTML>). HTML tags come's in pairs, such as <H1> </ H1>, Few signs are everything, even individual items, representing the <IMG>. The first tag in a pair is always start with a tag, the second tag (called the signs of opening and closing tags) is the tag.

Web browsers read HTML files visible or audible web pages can edit them. A web Browser does not display HTML Codes, but this page is used to describe the contents. Signs peer HTML, is the markup language, programming language to make language site explains.

HTML elements are the basic building blocks for all. Entering HTML images and objects, and can be used to shape allows empty. The organization of these headings, paragraphs, lists, links, quotes and other items as text shows signs of a system by providing a way to create documents. The texts can be written in languages such as JavaScript and HTML web pages to influence behavior.

Web browsers, text and other materials to determine the shape and configuration of the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) can refer. World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), and stand on all of HTML and CSS standards, the use of CSS HTML encourage diagonally.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO) for a web site or a web page "natural" or un-paid (with "organic") search results of a search engine to influence the process. In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results), and more rapidly a site rise in the search results list,And They will receive Large quantity of the visitors from search engines. SEO by the Picture/image search, local search, video search, academic search,Latest news search and industry-specific Area search, involving different types of research engine, can be Focused/targeted.

What is Search Engine Optimized (SEO) - Universal Experts

Word search engine to find work as an Internet marketing planer, SEO, search engine preference, the real search terms or as a search engine and type, think of your target Visitors/audience. Promoting there web site back links, or inbound links to add the more number of the visitors, is another SEO Mathod.

Improving search engine  can send people "SEO Services SEO multiple cuts.

Methods Of Indexing Your Website/Bog :

Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, Crawlers use the major search engines to find sites to algorithmic search results. Because they are auto linked to other search engine indexed pages are pages that are not necessary. 2 major directories, the Yahoo Directory and DMZ 2 review.Google XML site feed all pages are available,make sure that can be built and free Provided, Google Webmaster Tools, which does not usually offer page requires leadership submission and human editorial auto under links.Yahoo search! Containers for the cost of the click, which is 100% guaranteed to crawl under a pay service operations. It ended in 2009.

What is Search Engine Optimized (SEO) - Universal Experts

A search engine crawler to crawl web pages appear in lot of different reasons. Normally not every page is indexed by search engines. Distance to the root directory of the any web page to get through the pages can be a factor in whether.

What is the meaning of the word Fashion - By Universal Experts

What is the meaning of the word fashion - By Universal Experts

Fashion mainly refers to the clothing worn in no time pattern. In its simplest form should wear warm, but to serve many other functions. Habits and customs of the community is to adopt. Clothing needs to be more or less accepted as "normal". To maintain fitness, for example, that takes.

Fashion, style, language or behavior that might mean. Fashion is a form of nonverbal communication. Communicate something, but what exactly is something of a mystery. Often belonging to a particular group, say what.

There are fashion trends. Change faster than the culture. And the word "fashion" is synonymous with charm and elegance uses. Sometimes the term implies, is used in a negative sense, "heresy."

Human activities and ways of thinking, there are many types of fashion. Architecture (the way people build houses) and interior design are in fashion (the way people decorate their homes). There are fashions in clothing. Dance, music, and fashion to the way in which they are spoken. There are ideas of fashion.

Fashion Dress Up :

With only a fashion designer is more permanent. Fashion, social, political, economic, and technical, reflecting a specified time. About the length of time the show as much as any history book of the history of changing styles. It is important and lived.Fashion statement, is a way of life, to reflect what people think. Fashion clothing, not only warm clothes, culture, religion, different methods are used to!

What is the meaning of the word fashion - By Universal ExpertsFashion is a way to express themselves. By the way they look, many young people express their views and opinions. These are often unique to a member of a group can be unique and individual visual search. Fashion (surface) level, but as you see more people just a little bit out of someone that they have meaningful wear. They can influence their first opinions and views and ideas will help someone else.

Fashion years, long dresses, mini skirts were renewed, and bell bottoms example, in the style of clothing items once. Which is known as a classic style dress is return to me. Khaki pants, polo shirt, and plain clothes all classic examples. Eye makeup, jewelry, hair styles, hats and shoes, all in a stylish image, can work together to create the overall effect.

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